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Cllr.Dimakatso Lydia Malwane

Cllr.Dimakatso Lydia Malwane is a resident of Atamelang township where she grew up and attended school. She matriculated from the Phatsima High School and thereafter pursued her studies to be an educator. She holds a Diploma in Education from Taung College of Education as well as a BTech Management from Tshwane University of Technology.

Mayor Malwane is currently studying Municipal Finance and Supply Chain Management Advanced Certificate with Wits Business School. She resigned as a PL 2 educator from the Department of Education in 2011 to take her seat as a member of the Tswaing council.
Political profile.

Currently : Mayor of Tswaing Local Municipality
Proportional Representative (PR) Councillor of African National Congress (ANC)
2015 - 2016 : Speaker of Tswaing Local Municipality
2011 - 2015 : ANC PR Councillor: Tswaing Local Municipality serving in the Infrastructure Portfolio
2013 - 2014 : ANC Women’s League Branch Secretary: Ward 07
2006 - 2007 : ANC Branch Secretary: Ward 07
2004 - 2005 : ANC Branch Treasurer: Ward 07
2002 - 2003 : ANC Branch Executive Committee Member: Ward 07

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